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About Us

Passionate to help

We share one mission:
Helping people heal through guided interactions and coaching with horses. 
Respectful, compassionate, empowering.

Our Story

The Middle East chapter started in January 2020, when Christina Marz, founder of the method Horse Guided Empowerment®, traveled to Dubai to teach other horse enthusiasts this unique way of coaching.

Since then, over 15 facilitators have been or are currently being trained in the United Arab Emirates alone, and the method is also present in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, and more to come!

In addition to their regular sessions, Monica and Maria began leading FeelQuest Retreats in the UAE, Spain and Georgia and subsequently decided to create this platform.
Heal with Horses unifies a group of likeminded professionals who help others become a better version of themselves through different healing techniques with horses.

Each in their own niche, there is a dream that ties them together:
to help society find a way back to their roots.


They aim to empower and strengthen individuals and their families, and assist those who need help. 

We are also always open to collaborate with other facilitators, groups or social entities in order to reach a wider audience and help more people and horses - we might even be expanding to camels soon!

Heal with Horses
In the news


Read through the recently published article in Khaleej Times which gives a good idea about what we aim to achieve:
To engage with horses in respectful, calming interactions to bring a feeling of empowerment, of joy, of possibility to the people in the UAE.

If you feel that you can benefit from a session with the horses, or would like to support our work so we can reach to the wider community, please get in touch with us!

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