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In March 2021, we launched FeelQuest Retreats.

A series of retreats that take you to stunning and unique locations to mingle and learn from a herds of horses. At the same time it is a quest, a journey inwards, to unite mind, body and soul, and bring out the best in you.


create the life of your dreams

All our retreats are focused on leaving you stronger and more confident to deal with the obstacles in your life, and to give you the tools to find the right answers.

The contact with the horses under the supervision of our certified practitioners helps you access the power within you, and is a safe catalyst to explore and let out what is inside you.

Horses are kind, sensitive animals - they don't judge, and they react unfiltered to our intentions - not just to what we want to say, but to the meaning behind our words. This helps us become aware, and awareness is the first step towards change.

We combine MarzMethod with different techniques:

- Meditation

- Sound & Vibrational Healing

- Reiki

- Yoga 

- Embodiment 

- Tai-Chi & Chi kung

- Conscious Riding

- Art Therapy

It all works together to bring you back to your true self.

Pictures from our Retreats

Each retreat is different and unique.

The next retreats are:

MLEIHA, UAE. February and March 2024
ZANZIBAR. June 2024


GEORGIA. October 2024

ZIMBABWE. Spring 2025

To learn more about previous retreats you can find more information at

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