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For thousands of years, horses helped humanity evolve.

Horses provide a sense of inspiration, calm and wonder in us.

Today, it is proven that the presence of horses has positive psychological effects on us. As sensitive prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their surroundings. In fact, horses can pick up on and connect with people faster than a human!

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In this way, horses are able to mirror us and provide deep insight into our social, emotional and cognitive states.

Founded in 2008, Horse guided Empowerment® is a unique method that uses this horse sense in coaching and therapy sessions for groups, individuals and families. It is an integrative method and an open-source because it is about connecting to the intuitive competence of the horse.

From a theoretical background, the method is inclined towards Systemic Coaching, Gestalt Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology. 

In all our sessions, HGE is used in combination with other complementing methods to transform clients in a quick, soft, yet long-lasting way.

What happens during a session?

Each session is different and unique and the activities will be tailored depending on the desired outcome, the personality of the client, and what he or she wants to achieve on that day.

In a group session, the feedback from outside, which is always kept learning and motivating in the small, intimate groups during our sessions, is really helpful to let people become aware of how they come across.

Sometimes, the horses will naturally become part of systemic constellations. 
Other times, we use toys and props to represent obstacles or challenges in our lives which we want to work on.
In any case, the horses pick up the subtle nuances of our body language which we may not always be aware of.

By observing the horses, the facilitator learns about what is truly going on inside the client and can confront that if necessary.

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