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Heal with horses combines coaching sessions with different techniques to unlock people's potential.

Check the monthly group sessions here:

a healing journey

Healing has no rules or recipe. 

Everyone has to find their own path where he/ she feels comfortable.

Heal with Horses facilitators offer different themed sessions with horses:

Individual sessions:

- Anxiety Management

- Stress Management

- Unwind your mind

- Facing your fears

- Entering a new phase in life

- Imposter syndrome discovery session

- Dealing with traumatic emotions: grief, abuse, accidents, break-ups...

- Reiki session with horses

- Meditation with horses

Group Sessions:

- Corporate team building 

- Leadership Training

- Yoga with horses

- Sound Healing with horses

- Couples: communication and bonding

- Family sessions

- Mother-Daughter / son session

feelquest retreats

Heal with Horses also organize international and local retreats.

Here is a list of the upcoming retreats:

Mleiha, UAE - February and March 2024
All information here: FeelQuest Retreat Mleiha 


Zanzibar - June 2024
All information here: FeelQuest Retreat Zanzibar 

Spain - July 2024 (Coming Soon)

Georgia - October 2024

All information here: FeelQuest Retreat Georgia


Do you have a group and want to organize a daycation or retreat?

Talk to us and we will arrange the event for you!

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