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monthly events

Join the monthly group sessions and get to know yourself.


Tuesday 19th - October


AED180 per person

full moon meditation

With the herd of horses and Hungdrum healing sound.

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Did you know that horses' heartbeats can synch with one another and they influence the human heartbeat too?


Come to experience the deeply grounding and calming power of breathing with a peaceful herd of horses. 


It is scientifically proved that to practice in Nature surrounded by animals has a calming effect on our nervous system and improves our physical health.


It's called Earthing. 


The sooting sound of a hang drum will help you in the relaxation process, carrying us throughout the meditation.

Session lead by Enrica Andreetto.

Saturday 23rd - October


AED250 per person

dealing with self-doubT

Imposter syndrome

Embrace your true self.

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of self-doubt, incompetence, or “not enough” that people experience regardless of their achievements and accomplishments. In some cases, the person might link their success to luck rather than their qualifications and/or capabilities.

Other areas of self-doubt that can be associated with Imposter Syndrome include: fear of success, fear of failure or self-sabotage.


Constant fear of exposure, isolation and rejection can be predominantly noticeable for someone who is experiencing imposter feelings as well.


When does it strike?

Examples of situations where Imposter Syndrome strikes: starting a new job, getting awarded or promoted, taking on additional responsibilities, starting your own business, or becoming a first-time parent.

our location

Our sessions are held at the EAPD stable located inside Dubai Desert Palm Polo Club. Learn more about EAPD here:

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