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Private events

Join the monthly group sessions and get to know yourself.


10th December 2 - 6pm and

11th December 9 - 6pm

1495 AED per person

includes snacks and lunch

Advanced Course

For previous clients

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For clients who have been with us before - this is a special weekend just for you!
To reconnect, meet others who have traveled the path but in a very different way, and to continue this journey of self-exploration and healing with the horses.

Where are you now?

At the end of 2022, spend this weekend at Desert Palm with our new herd of therapy horses to close the year with gratitude and get ready for a fresh start into 2023! 

We look forward to meeting you again!

Friday 16th December

15:00 - 17.30pm

333 AED per person

Leading my life

Learn how to take control and work on the life you want

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A 3 hour workshop - not only for managers! - to

  • identify your personal leadership style and learn how to use your strengths

  • understand how you are perceived by others

  • work on communication skills

  • improve assertiveness

  • gain self-confidence and have fun whilst learning!

No previous horse experience required.

Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes


Everyone is a leader - you are in charge of leading your life! Take the reins in your hand and enjoy it!

Saturday 17th December

15:00 - 17:30

333 AED per Person

Destress buster

A calming session to reduce stress and tension


A sunset workshop to release the stress and tension from 2022.


  • Benefit from the calming presence of the herd

  • leave the past behind with gratitude

  • focus on the present moment 

  • leave feeling self-confident and calm

A mix of horse guided empowerment coaching, the calming sounds of the hang drum, meditation and embodiment activities amongst the herd of therapy horses from EAPD.

our location

Our sessions are held at the EAPD stable located inside Dubai Desert Palm Polo Club. Learn more about EAPD here:

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